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Office Concepts is vital part of a unique family of businesses with a rich history and a bright future. Although, the Office Concepts name has been around for over 30 years, the business was recently purchased by Tim and Skyler Powers who own Toner Connection, Total Coding, and The Computer Shoppe. With that purchase, new opportunities abound!  The goal of this family of businesses is to create and provide solutions for each type of business in the market that needs printing. Our vision is to L.E.A.D (Listen.Explore.Analyze.Deliver). We believe we have  the ability to listen to the needs or problems and provide innovative solutions to meet those demands. Each business in the family has a specific purpose and goal in mind in a market that is in desperate need of a company that will offer quality service and sales for each piece of equipment from one company.

Business Philosophy

Office Concepts strives to create a culture and environment that is positive, encouraging, and a joy to be around. We believe that first and foremost, above all other things, we are to do everything All For God. That mentality helps us to keep the proper perspective when we consider our actions with team members and customers. At Office Concepts we believe that if we really want to stand out in our business and in the community we MUST help provide a service that is second to none. Therefore, we do our best to demonstrate that we legitimately want to help each partner lower costs, increase performance, and reduce downtime and headaches by offering sound advice and innovative solutions.


Office Concepts currently offers a wide variety of products:

Desktop printers    Console Copiers        Fax Machines           Wide Format Plotters

Thermal printers     Print and Apply          Continuous Inkjet    High Resolution Inkjet

Handheld Printers  ID/Badge Printers      3D Printers               Thermal Transfer Overlay

Toner Cartridges    Ink Cartridges            Filament                    Maintenance Kits/Rollers        

Printheads               Labels                        Ribbons                     Cards

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